A proactive team, passionate about adding value to our customers’ lives

With over 20 years’ experience implementing ERP, PSA, and HCM solutions for organisations around the world, the team at Agilyx are driven to deliver the best services for our clients. Whether you want to kick off the implementation process, are looking for an upgrade, or need hands-on training courses for your people, our friendly and experienced team work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the best value.

Delivering success across the globe

Our talented team has a deep understanding of business processes and needs. We take the time to understand your organisation, and how our solutions can work best for you. This approach has allowed us to provide valuable ongoing services to a large, reference-able client base.

We have access to a range of industry-specific resources and research, providing consulting, implementation, project management, development and round the clock support services. With proven success, hands-on industry expertise and an ability to understand the unique challenges of each customer, Agilyx delivers exceptional services for all your business needs.

Implement, maintain, optimise

When we implement your solution, we become a part of your team. From design through to deployment, we work together with you to ensure you get a system that’s customised to your unique needs. Led by strong project controls, our hands-on implementation team are there every step of the way, making sure you get a stress-free deployment and system that works for you.


In close collaboration, we work together to deliver a solution that ticks all the boxes. Guided by strong project controls, our implementation team works with your budget, timeline and requirements – providing full consulting services and training so you know how to make your system work for you.

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Agilyx’s development team has proven success designing and implementing custom solutions so you can get the most out of your system. Discover out-of-the-box business system developments and get a solution that’s tailored for your needs, improving your end-user experience and saving you time and money in the long term.

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Health Checks

Your system should move with your business into the future. If you’re experiencing growth, or loss of productivity due to frustrating workarounds, it might be time to check whether you need an upgrade. With in-depth analysis, the Agilyx team finds out whether your system is the best fit for your organisation and recommends future improvements so you can truly optimise your solution.

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Unit4 Cloud Migration

Agilyx makes it easy for you to move to a secure, fast and reliable cloud-based ERP solution. Specialised in moving Unit4 software solutions to the cloud, our team is here to help you weigh up the options, find the right one, and ensure a successful transition.

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Managed Services

Whether you’re going through a business restructure, or need cover while your administrator is on leave, our experienced administrators are here to manage your day to day operations. Free up your organisation and get a reliable admin team that knows your system and can keep it running smoothly.

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Integration Services

Our combined experience provides skill sets at all levels including solution architecture, software development and integration, technical consultancy services and quality assurance.

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Customer Success Program

Agilyx Group is proud to offer our Customer Success Program, a package of dedicated services to help your organisation get the most out of your Unit4 ERP solution.

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