Empower your business with effective Financial Planning & Analysis

At Agilyx Group, we can help you understand your business’s past, present and future, move forward with a shared vision, and put the data you need in your hands — no matter where it lives — in a format that works for you.

With over 20 years’ experience implementing financial tools for organisations around the world, our highly experienced team of consultants are committed to ensuring that you have the most innovative FP & A tools allowing you to simplify your process and automate tasks, so you have for time to collaborate with your team and focus on analysis.


Delivering expert financial planning and analysis

The Challenge

Having an FP & A solution that incorporates all business data sources, is centrally controlled, works with tools your organisation already knows how to use, can be tailored to your needs and trustworthy.

The Solution

Implementing FP&A Software which enables your finance team to effectively and efficiently manage financial processes, control access and manage permissions down to the individual user, improve accountability and make informed decisions with improved analysis.

The Results

An integrated system with all your business’ data sources – financial, non-financial, internal and external – so you can rely on your data and reports and plan with numbers you can trust. With the time saved from our FP & A solution, you can focus on analysis and business growth.

Financial Planning & Analysis features:

Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations. Tackle routine tasks in a few clicks while generating real-time financial analysis, modeling, and impeccable compliance reports.

Plan for the future with confidence using integrated financial statements, rolling forecasts, what-if analysis, unlimited modelling capabilities and more.

Compare financials between departments, build ad hoc reports, get a granular view of your income statement and connect your data to Power BI to draw insights faster than ever before—from any device.

Automatically roll actuals from your source systems into your budgeting templates so you can produce your variance reports in no time at all.

Expert FP & A Implementation

Our team are highly experienced and qualified to connect your organisation with the right financial management software, to transform the way you do business. We work closely with our clients, so that you can feel confident and in control of your new solution.

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We choose to work with the following industry-leading partners:

Vena – Vena Financial Planning & Analysis tools

Using the only Native Excel FP&A Software, Vena is a pre-configured yet customizable solution that includes the integrations, data models, reports, templates and data analysis tools to support your financial planning and analysis needs.

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