Solutions designed for education institutions of today

The changing world of education requires solutions that can adapt and deliver long-term value in your software system. Delivering solutions for universities, high schools and other educational institutions, our solutions are designed to help your people focus on what’s important: education and research.

Whether you’re looking to replace an outdated legacy platform, or need a centralised system to meet your complex environment, Agilyx implements future-proof education ERPs, giving you detailed reporting tools and empowering you to invest in your institution’s growth.

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Flexible solutions, tailored to the needs of your people

No matter what your role, take control with an integrated suite of finance, HR and planning capabilities built with the needs of professional services organizations in mind.

Head of Admissions

As the Head of Admissions, you need a system that lets you focus on recruiting, not data or time-wasting admin. Agilyx delivers education ERPs that let you automate your outreach campaign with customised application processes tailored to your needs – empowering you to reach more students and gain a competitive-edge in the education and schooling sector.

Finance Directors

Improve financial transparency and get a big picture view of all of your finances so you can make smart, strategic decisions for your institution. Get accurate, real-time data that lets you identify where you can reduce costs, increase revenue, and keep all of your finances in check with our ERP and FP&A tools.

Academic Affairs

Get a system that supports all of your student and academic responsibilities. With smart tools that let you predict retention rates and target at-risk students, get the power to propel your institutional planning and retain more students with our ERP and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. With a user-friendly and intuitive student portal, your students are given the tools they need to succeed, improving completion rates across your educational institution.


From applicant to graduate, keep your students on track to success with an all-in-one student management system. Implemented by Agilyx, give your students a mobile-friendly system that they can use anywhere, anytime. Let your students manage their academic affairs and finances in one place, and give them the tools and resources to stay on track for success.

Other role?

Whether you’re in one of the above roles or a different one entirely, our team are dedicated to finding the right solution to help you and your people. For more information, get in touch with our specialists.

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FinancialForce Implementation Support

Agilyx’s unique Implementation and Project Management methodology seamlessly complements FinancialForce. With in-depth understanding of FinancialForce and the Salesforce platform, Agilyx delivers solutions that fit your requirements, timeline and budget.

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Unit4 Implementation Support

As a Unit4 partner for over 20 years, Agilyx has delivered transformational solutions to some of the largest Unit4 customers in the world. Agilyx’s agile approach to ERP implementation is a seamless complement to Unit4 product suite.

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Cornerstone Implementation Support

We partner with Cornerstone OnDemand® to help organisations recruit, train, and manage their people. Cornerstone works with hundreds of the world’s largest companies and thousands of smaller ones to help them engage their workforces and empower their people.

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