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As a government and public sector organisation, you need a system that adapts to organisational changes and departmental mergers and acquisitions. Agilyx delivers public sector ERP, PSA, HCM and FP&A solutions that are flexible to regular changes in processes, reporting and budgets, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations and public policies.

Designed to handle your data securely, get the transparency you need and accountability for information that is in the public domain. Discover innovative government software solutions that empower your organisation to evolve.

Succeed with the right tools for your Government & Public Sector organisation

Flexible solutions, tailored to the needs of your people

No matter what your role, take control with an integrated suite of finance, HR and planning capabilities built with the needs of professional services organizations in mind.

CEOs and COOs

Feel confident that your government ERP system supports your organisational management. Agilyx delivers public sector ERPs that give you accurate data and insights, and help you retain the right people. Agilyx’s leading-edge solutions let you and your people report anywhere and anytime, so you always have the right information to make smart, strategic decisions.


Stay ahead of changes in strategy, processes or reorganization with a system that’s tailored to your needs as a CFO. Giving you a single point of truth across your organisation, get a big picture view, gain real time, accurate data, and get the power to report against a double bottom line. By automating mundane manual processes, you get a system, that provides standardisation and automation across your organisation, letting you and your people focus on valuable tasks.

HR Directors

Get a system that lets you focus on your people and maximise your HR influence across your organisation. Delivered by Agilyx, discover intuitive government Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that empower you to attract the right people, nurture and develop talent, and streamline time-wasting processes with clever self-service tools.

Project Managers

Understanding the needs of Project Managers, Agilyx implements public sector ERPs and PSAs that let you take control of a project from start to finish. Access all your project information in one place so you can accurately plan and allocate resources. By streamlining processes and letting people collaborate in one place, reduce your resource burden and confidently manage and deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Other role?

Whether you’re in one of the above roles or a different one entirely, our team are dedicated to finding the right solution for you and your business. For more information, get in touch with our specialists.

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Find the right support for your system implementation

Certinia Implementation Support

Agilyx’s unique Implementation and Project Management methodology seamlessly complements Certinia. With in-depth understanding of Certinia and the Salesforce platform, Agilyx delivers solutions that fit your requirements, timeline and budget.

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Unit4 Implementation Support

As a Unit4 partner for over 20 years, Agilyx has delivered transformational solutions to some of the largest Unit4 customers in the world. Agilyx’s agile approach to ERP implementation is a seamless complement to Unit4 product suite.

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Cornerstone Implementation Support

We partner with Cornerstone OnDemand® to help organisations recruit, train, and manage their people. Cornerstone works with hundreds of the world’s largest companies and thousands of smaller ones to help them engage their workforces and empower their people.

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