Are you getting the most out of your business system?

Your system should move with your business into the future. If you’re experiencing growth, or loss of productivity due to frustrating workarounds, it might be time to check whether you need an upgrade. With in-depth analysis, the Agilyx team finds out whether your system is the best fit for your organisation and recommends future improvements so you can truly optimise your solution.

Discover the benefits an Agilyx health check

Get a fast and accurate Health Check: the Agilyx approach


Experienced Agilyx consultants will perform a comprehensive review of how your business works through a discovery process. They will conduct interviews with your users and subject matter experts to determine key operational practices and processes required for your organisation’s system.


Your Agilyx Consultant will take all the information from their research and turn it into a formal analysis reviewing how you currently utilise your system and understanding the gap between how the system works for you now and how you would like it to work for you.


After gaining a deep understanding of your business and system, your Agilyx consultant will present detailed findings to you in a comprehensive report and presentation. We will make recommendations for your business from five improvement criteria.


Each recommendation is made with details of the requirement, solution, resource involvement and the business benefits of implementing. This detailed analysis allows you to make an informed decision and prioritise and plan your solutions.

Recommendations are a source of discussion and debate and for those recommendations that you would like assistance with, we put together a detailed proposal, complete with a time and professional services implementation schedule.