Streamline service requests from request submission to ticket closure

Empower your community with our intuitive Service Request Management platform – designed to give your citizens access to requests and service availability, and your back-end operations key insights into aggregate constituent data. Boasting pre-built configurations for an even simpler process, this solution enables the seamless integration of real-time updates, status tracking, location information, real-time data to relevant departments, and historical data insights for thorough service request journeys. Decision-makers can utilise this valuable information to optimise time and cost estimations for future requests and make better, more informed council decisions. Built on the trusted Salesforce platform, the MUNIvers Service Request Management system is secure, reliable, and fully scalable – whether you’re a small city or a large regional district.

Transform and digitise your service management system – from start to finish

Discover the future of local government service efficiency with our Service Request Management solution – purpose-built to meet the requirements of progressive municipalities. Powered by the reliable Salesforce platform, this innovative application delivers real-time, insightful data to the appropriate departments and fulfilment teams, significantly transforming the way your government handles citizen requests.

Give your community access to an intuitive portal for service availability and include all relevant information, such as necessary resources, geographical location of request, and expected response and completion times. Our service request solution streamlines and simplifies the process with SMART Forms, our pre-built, but endlessly configurable, service forms for standard requests common in the local government sphere. Experience a fully-integrated, interconnected fulfillment journey whereby each service request is linked to its designated department – ensuring process transparency and efficiency while cutting costs in service provision.

With real-time updates and status tracking, keep all parties in the loop from initial service request submission to final ticket closure. This end-to-end process allows departments and decision-makers to refine service targets using historical data insights, paving the way for enhanced time and cost estimations on future requests.

Service Request Management Benefits

Provide citizens with an intuitive service request portal
Ensure transparency and efficiency with a complete end-to-end process
Leverage data insights to refine service targets

Service Request Management Capabilities

Give your citizens a dedicated user portal that lets them submit, monitor, and track service requests from start to finish.

Build and configure even the most complex forms without coding and link them directly into back-end workflows.

Enhance the user-experience with simple navigation, drop-down menus, and transparent request lifecycle processes.

Incorporate satellite map layers into your citizens’ requests and gain valuable insights, all the way down to the tree-level.

Reduce duplicate request submissions by unifying data effortlessly through a centralised hub that seamlessly connects to all your organisation’s systems.

Automate online payments that integrate with your organisation’s finance system and remove manual, error-prone data entry.

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