As a recognised Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner, Agilyx Group is committed to delivering top-notch, innovative solutions designed to cater to your unique business requirements. As an ISV partner within the Salesforce ecosystem, we have the privilege of offering our customers a host of benefits and exclusive features that distinguish us from the rest. But what exactly does it mean to be a Salesforce ISV Partner? And what does it mean for our customers? Let’s take a look.

Leveraging Salesforce’s Superior Development Platform

We are proud to embrace the world-class development capabilities provided by Salesforce to create bespoke business applications for our customers, such as our latest suite of solutions purpose-built for local government, MUNIvers. We use Salesforce’s comprehensive suite of APIs, integration methods, and cutting-edge cloud technologies to architect solutions that are innovative, resilient, and aligned with your business needs.

Access to AppExchange Marketplace

As an ISV Partner, we have the privilege of listing our applications on Salesforce’s AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. Not only does this give us the benefit of unparalelled visibility among Salesforce’s expansive customer base, but it gives our customers (and potential customers) the assurance that our solutions meet (and often exceed!) Salesforce’s strict security and privacy standards.

Comprehensive Support and Training

Being a Salesforce ISV Partner also means we have access to an extensive range of support and training resources. Whether it’s advanced technical support or sales training, we leverage these resources to ensure that our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools required to deliver excellent service and support to our customers.

What It Means for You

Choosing us as your Salesforce ISV partner means you’re investing in solutions built on the world’s #1 CRM platform. We assure a high level of reliability, security, and seamless integration with existing Salesforce infrastructure. Not to mention, you have the advantage of solutions that are custom-made to meet your specific business requirements, making your operations more efficient, effective, and agile.

This partnership with Salesforce allows us to provide you with another unparalleled service offering, one that lets us continue to give our customers the best-in-class experience they’ve come to expect for over 24 years.

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