Agilyx Group is revolutionising the world of municipal governments with our innovative, tailor-made software solutions.  

Introducing MUNIvers – a cutting-edge, self-made technology service that bridges the gap between the fast-paced SaaS (Software as a Service) universe and the traditionally slow-moving government sector. In an exclusive discussion, founders John Catarinich and Chris Develin share the inspiration behind MUNIvers and its impact on municipal governments globally. 


Why MUNIvers? 

MUNIvers is an innovative hub where municipal governments can discover a plethora of platforms, services, and solutions tailored to address their distinct challenges. Local governments, councils, and cities may not have the robust funding reserves of federal or central governments, yet they navigate just as many, if not more, complexities. Striking the balance between low citizen engagement and high expectations can be daunting, especially as the pandemic has heightened demands for service excellence, proactivity, and responsiveness. MUNIvers was created in response to this – to transform these challenges into opportunities for success. 

Bridging the gap between scarce modern resources and the diverse array of legacy systems found in municipal governments, MUNIvers offers a highly scalable, reasonably-priced platform to address cities’ challenges. The MUNIvers ecosystem offers seamless integration with a wide range of existing solutions to break free from the confinements of data silos.  


What is MUNIvers? 

MUNIvers is a cutting-edge, cloud-based ecosystem tailored to empower municipalities and unite their communities. Powered by Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud platform, MUNIvers offers boundless connectivity to an impressive array of applications, fulfilling the unique needs of local governments and enabling them to make a remarkable impact on their citizens’ lives. 

MUNIvers serves as a hub for a diverse range of applications and services vital to municipal departments. Soon, users can harness its capabilities to manage citizen engagement, streamline tax and levy collection, expedite service requests, optimise provisioning, and beyond. The goal of MUNIvers is to transform the way your municipality operates in the digital age. Kicking off with an impactful approach, the product ecosystem will concentrate on two high-demand areas for municipalities: enhancing citizen involvement and effectively managing service requests. 


What’s the story of MUNIvers? 

At Agilyx Group, we’ve had the privilege to work closely with government clients worldwide. What we’ve discovered is that many of them face a common challenge: they struggle with managing their services and interactions due to a lack of cohesive, efficient, and user-friendly systems. Often, they use various outdated, legacy platforms, which were initially created for private or non-profit sectors and only cater to a specific aspect of their needs. This disparity highlighted the pressing need for robust and adaptable systems tailored specifically for the unique requirements of municipal customers. 

This intricate web of diverse systems led to a myriad of challenges, including laborious manual procedures, process interference, data compartmentalisation, disjointed decision-making, and extensive lags in service delivery or response rates. This hindered a strategic approach towards citizen engagement—with, at times, persistence and fervour overshadowing well-informed, data-centric decisions aligned with strategic and political objectives. 

These customers struggled with outdated systems, as they were stuck in a cycle of implementing temporary fixes and patches to keep their technology running. This occurred mainly because they lacked adequate data and long-term strategic foresight to replace and integrate advanced solutions. 

Recognising the massive potential for improvement, we embarked on a journey to design and deliver a state-of-the-art municipal solution that would propel them to the forefront of their industry. 


What sets MUNIvers apart from other municipal solutions? 

MUNIvers is a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind solution empowering municipalities to embrace the era of digital transformation. Leveraging the power of Salesforce’s superb capabilities, MUNIvers creates a vibrant, multi-vendor ecosystem, perfectly tailored to address the distinct requirements of local governments. It paves the way for a secure, scalable, and ever-evolving suite of crucial applications accessible to local government. Unlike conventional public sector solutions that regard citizens as mere bill-payers, MUNIvers reimagines the relationship between a municipality and its residents. By recognising citizens as valued customers rather than solely bill-payers, this unique approach reflects the sophistication of leading commercial enterprises. 

Local government organisations often feel like they’re stuck with outdated systems, lacking functionality, security, and the ability to expand smoothly. Their systems are in constant need for IT support and tedious manual maintenance, along with heaps of unreliable data that go underutilised, ultimately affecting their capacity for data digitisation. This reality particularly impacts essential domains such as complaint handling, where vital information risks being buried under a mountain of paperwork and forgotten files. MUNIvers disrupts this narrative, providing local government organisations a remedy for effective reporting that empowers data-driven, community-improving decision-making processes. 


Is MUNIvers secure? 

Absolutely. We know that security is the top priority for any software in a government setting. Unlike legacy systems which often operate without necessary patches and can leave sensitive information exposed to ransomware attacks, the Salesforce platform provides unparalleled defense through encryption networks backed by advanced threat-detection mechanisms as well as reliable replication, backup and disaster recovery strategies. And at an application level, users benefit from secure identity authentication processes combined with permission management capabilities that maintain optimal data access control. 



Agilyx Group has created an innovative technology solution with MUNIvers that aims to revolutionise outdated government systems into modern, cloud-based solutions. It provides local governments with tailored platforms and services for managing citizens’ data in a secure and safe environment. By using the Salesforce platform, each level of authority is provided controlled access to the information needed with secure identity authentication processes that are guaranteed – always. This improves security, efficiency and empowers administrators to optimise their operations. Whether it be citizen engagement management, tax/levy collection, service request facilitation or provisioning optimisation, MUNIvers helps accelerate daily processes with secure connections throughout municipalities’ systems. 


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