An FP&A and budgeting tool that leverages a native Excel interface

For many businesses today, budgeting, planning and forecasting are challenging processes involving countless outdated and manual processes. Vena is an FP&A ecosystem powered by certified planners that can change the trajectory of your organisation by freeing up your finance team to drive faster, smarter, more data-driven strategic decisions.




Financial Planning & Analysis

Gain an all-in-one solution for your organisation with Vena’s smart FP&A software. Native to Microsoft Excel’s interface, Vena offers a simple user experience, without compromising on results. Transform your business with customisable dashboards and engaging reports.

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Vena FP&A provides

Screenshot of Vena Financial Planning & Analysis

Agile Planning

Stay on top of the game with advanced forecasting and analysis tools. Keep your organisation change-ready with Vena’s real-time reporting capabilities, giving you the information you need to make strategic decisions.

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Vena Agile Planning provides

Screenshot of Vena Agile Planning

Integrated Business Planning

WIth Vena’s Integrated Business Planning, your organisation’s data becomes more powerful than ever. Eradicate silos and connect all of your GL, ERP and CRM data into Excel – allowing for more accurate and efficient reporting.

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Vena Integrated Business Planning provides

Screenshot of Vena Integrated Business Planning

Financial Close Management

Take advantage of a centralised database and close your books with complete confidence. Let Vena do the hard work, so that your people can use their time more effectively – instead of dealing with manual administrative processes.

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Vena Financial Close Management provides

Screenshot of Vena Financial Close Management

Financial Reporting

Take advantage of Vena’s smart financial reporting tools, within the Excel interface. Automate financial reporting processes for accurate analyses, and make data-driven business decisions.

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Vena Financial Reporting provides

Screenshot of Vena Financial Reporting

Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

Save on time and remove challenging, lengthy processes by utilising Vena’s toosl for regulatory reporting and compliance. Comfortably meet deadlines without compromising on accuracy.

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Vena Regulatory Reporting provides

Screenshot of Vena Regulatory Reporting