Flexible payroll and billing system, built on the Salesforce platform

Streamline your payroll and billing services with 2cloudnine’s advanced software solution. With unique, scalable technology, 2cloudnine combines product, platform and people to empower your organisation to go further.

Give your HR teams the tools they need to champion your organisation’s payroll and billing needs. 2cloudnine offers a flexible, smart system, with key features to automate and simplify your administrative tasks.



2cloudnine Payroll

2cloudnine offer a flexible, innovative payroll and billing solution on the powerful Salesforce platform. Take control of your payroll processes with improved productivity, control and visibility, from the first point of onboarding through to payroll and billing.

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2cloudnine Payroll provides

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Unit4 FP&A provides

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Unit4 HCM provides

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Unit4 Student Management provides

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The only true, end-to-end payroll platform across the employee experience. From time & attendance and award interpretation to onboarding, payroll, and right through to billing.
2c9 Time & Attendance

Simplify your time and attendance workflow

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2c9 Payroll

The system seamlessly integrates with other business platforms to manage the complex process of pay more efficiently and accurately.

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2c9 Award Interpretation

The automated interpretation engine takes the hassle out of calculating awards and EBAs, so you can be sure your people are paid accurately.

2cloudnine optimised interpretation
2c9 Staffing

With sophisticated billing and rate calculation features, 2c9 Staffing simplifies your client invoicing obligations – no matter your needs.

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